Course Objectives

  • Empower Production Facilitates the Understanding of Wisdom to the Digital Frontier through a service called Modus.

    Modus is a full complement of service partners. Click on the blue links to view demonstrations.

    Beginning with RealWear, use RealWear for remote mentoring of equipment start-up, operations, and maintenance; or record to video for training.

    Rail Cargo Inspections


    Safety, Security, and Stability

    You have just experienced our AD-Free cloud platform, where YOU have full control of the content. Click here for pay-once lifetime plans

    Did your cloud storage challenge hackers and over 600 organizations around the globe to hack their encryption? Mine did, offering a $100,000 award and six months to hack their encryption. After six months, there were ZERO hacks! Check out our military-grade encryption 

    After storing the best practices in the cloud, knowledge transfer is available on-demand, on location, and at your fingertips using Maxpanda CMMS, a work order software program. Take a look below:
  • Fleet Demo
  • Knowledge Transfer Demo
  • Warehouse operations

  • Do you need the flexibility of a platform for training and collaboration across geographical locations?  Soar LMS has an affordable platform to fit your needs.

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